Syed Muhammed Asim Qadri

Founder, Axinstitute for Chinese language

Asim (拼音) has 23 years of experience in academics & corporate. .. Now his Āxìnstitute for Chinese Language, is successfully focusing on the training functional business Chinese; catering fast track needs of the corporate sector. For twelve years, he is imparting Chinese language courses to the corporate sector and academia; using instruments like organizational in-house sessions, institute batch modules, and prestigious universities’ semester programs. His completed corporate training projects (groups /individuals) include the giant American software house; afiniti, Pakistani Media House; IODigital, Japanese origin; Kansai Paints, Chinese origin; Air China plus other big shots like Amreli Steels, Ecommerce Gateways, UBL, Azal, Dawlance, Fatima Fertilizers, Service Tyres, KElectric, plus a long list of individual businessmen and professionals.

I am good at:

Mandarin Chinese language

Coordination & Negotiation

Chinese Culture

Business Communication