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🧧 Welcome to Chinese language Conversational course for busy business professionals taught by Pakistan’s Top Mandarin Chinese Language coach, Asim Qadri, He use his experience of teaching 5 languages and 24 years in academics innovatively. The experience Of Mandarin Chinese and Cultural training is spread over 14 years and 5000 success stories. Thereby, the Confidence he gives, helps you build-up a better relationship with Mandarin speakers. This results in opening-up a world of opportunities and growth; for your business and career.🔥 This not only boosts your business directly but it also opens-up a world of possibilities and commercial connections.💹 We firmly believe that language grip and cultural understanding empower people. And thats what we work for. 💬 We all know China is the world's fastest growing economy, so that's why the ability to communicate well with Chinese speaking business professionals is the most demanded and high-paying skill of 2022 & years to come. This course will be your best investment in because we will teach you everything you need to know to build strong profitable relationship with Chinese 🚀 After this course, you can: 💬 Communicate, Coordinate & Negotiate better 💱 Start and grow your business with Chinese 👝 Boost your CV and advance your career. 📝 Start your teaching and interpretation Who should enroll in this course? 🧧 Trader 🧧 Business owners 🧧 E-commerce Pros 🧧 Students & Job seekers 🧧 Traveling for study or holiday 🧧 Professionals, specially from Marketing, Sales, Engineering, Procurement, Medicine Lucrative opportunities are indeed endless when you can communicate with Chinese 😇

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This Section cover guidlines, tips and best practices to get most out of this course

  • 00 Market Chinese Video Lectues - Guidlines & Tips 6min 15sec

This section cover most frequently ask question about Chinese language, its types, International method of learning and much more..

  • 001- What is Chinese language? | Is Mandarin the same? || Market Chinese starting lecture 3min 57sec
  • 002- Learning Chinese for Business | How beneficial it could be? || About learning Mandarin 3min 27sec

In this section we will learn Chinese Phonetics: Syllables, Intials & Finals

  • 003- What is Chinese PINYIN? | How it helps in learning? || History, importance & benefits 9min 33sec
  • 004- Chinese Syllable Structure | Why it sounds Musical? || Mandarin Phonetics 4min 52sec
  • 005- More on Chinese PINYIN | Consonants, Vowels & Tones || Mandarin Phonetics 5min 7sec
  • 006- Learn Pinyin INITIALS, now | They all are Consonants! || 1st element of Chinese Phonetics 5min 53sec
  • 007- Let's practice Pinyin INITIALS! | Part1 || Chinese Phonetics 10min 5sec
  • 008- More Pinyin INITIALS practice! | Part2 || Chinese Phonetics | incl Task01 10min 57sec
  • 009- Now, learn Pinyin FINALS | They are Mostly Vowels! || 2nd element of Chinese Phonetics 16min 48sec
  • 010- Let's practice Pinyin FINALS! | ABC learning completes here || Chinese Phonetics | incl Task02 6min 47sec

In this section we will learn to count from 1 to 99

  • 011- Numbers from 1 to 10 | Learn Chinese Counting || incl Task03 3min 54sec

In this section we will learn Chinese Phonetics: Chinese tones

  • 012- Know Pinyin TONES | They are easy to learn || Mandarin Chinese Phonetics 12min 31sec
  • 013- Doing Pinyin TONES practice | will make Tones feel Natural! | incl Task04 3min 32sec

In this section we will learn to count from 11 to 99

  • 014- Numbers from 11 to 99 | Learn Chinese Counting || incl Task05 10min 26sec

In this section we will learn to make basic Sentences in Chinese language

  • 015- HELLO & SORRY in Chinese | Lesson#01 of HSK-1 | Nǐ Hǎo | Diff options || incl Task06 6min 13sec
  • 016- Simple Pronouns Sentences | Part1 | Mandarin Chinese Grammar || incl Task07 15min 28sec

In this section we will learn how to talk about today, tomorrow, yestarday - Months & Weeks

  • 017- Chinese Months & Weekdays | They are Number-based! || incl Task08 8min 24sec
  • 018- Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday | Learn simple time-words | Chinese word mind-map || incl Task09 9min 12sec

In this section we will learn to count till 999

  • 019- Numbers from 100 to 999 | Learn Chinese Counting | || incl Task10 15min 53sec

In this section we will learn basic of Chinese pronouns

  • 020- Simple Pronouns Sentences | Part2 | Mandarin Chinese Grammar || incl Task11 5min 41sec

Thank you, Bye Setence making

  • 021- Saying THANKS in Chinese | Lesson#02 HSK1 | Xièxie | Diff options || incl Task12 8min 32sec
  • 022- Saying BYE in Chinese? | Lesson#2 HSK1 | Zàijian | Diff options | incl Task13 5min 49sec

In this section we will learn basics questions about Name, profession

  • 023- Asking NAME in Chinese | Lesson#03-1 HSK1 | Most common way || incl Task14 8min 47sec
  • 024- Teacher & Student in Chinese | Lesson#03-2 HSK1 | incl Task15 12min 30sec
  • 25- Are you Chinese? | Lesson#03-3 HSK1 | Country names & nationalities || incl Task16 9min 53sec

In this section we will to count till 9999

  • 026- Numbers from 1,000 to 9,999 | Learn Chinese Counting | incl Task17 10min 41sec

In this section we will learn to do conversation related relationship, country and more

  • 027- My Chinese language teacher | Lesson#4-1 HSK1 || incl Task 18 8min 0sec
  • 028- Which country are you from? | Lesson#4-2 HSK1 || incl Task 19 5min 51sec
  • 029- Is she your classmate? | Lesson#4-3 HSK1 | incl Task 20 8min 45sec

In this section we willl to make complex sentence and do daily conversational using common pharses

  • 030- Using Possessive Particle (de) | Part1 || Chinese sentences & phrases | incl Task 21 11min 44sec
  • 031-Using Possessive Particle (de) | Part2 || Chinese sentences & phrases | incl Task 22 4min 52sec
  • 032- Using Possessive Particle (de) | Part3 || Chinese sentences & phrases || incl Task 23 2min 24sec

In this section we learn to conversation about age & measure words, here we will practice question related age?

  • 33 Measure word (Lesson#5-1) + incl Task 24 10min 36sec
  • 34 Asking Age of a child (Lesson#05-2) + incl Task 25 8min 17sec
  • 35 Asking Age of an adult (Lesson#05-3) + incl Task 26 8min 9sec

In this section we will gain essential culture that helps in building strong and profitable commertial relationship

  • 36 Why Culture knowledge is important? + incl Task 27 4min 16sec
  • 37 Intro to Chinese Culture + incl Task 28 (optional) 8min 49sec

In this seection get better understanding about Chinese habits and its effect

  • 38 Good Health Habits of Chinese + incl Task 29 (optional) 13min 0sec
  • 39 Bad Health Habits of Chinese + incl Task 30 (optional) 4min 36sec

In this section we will how to do better negotiation with Chinese 7 how they manage their time

  • 40 Time Mangagment of Chinese + incl Task 31 (optional) 3min 11sec
  • 41 Chinese Beliefs about numbers + incl Task 32 (optional) 4min 51sec

In this section we will learn how to build strong & profitable business relationship. Gain better understanding about Do's & Dont's of gift

  • 42 Gifts and Business Relationship + incl Task 33 (optional) 10min 14sec
  • 43 Chinese Business Ethics & Culture + incl Task 34 (optional) 11min 6sec

In this section you willl learn to use common greeting pharses

  • 44 Some Greeting Pharses + incl Task 35 5min 39sec

In this section we will learn conversations about language, culture & food

  • 45 Can you speak Chinese? (Lesson#6-1) + incl Task 36 2min 24sec
  • 46 Can you cook Chinese food?- (Lesson#6-2) + incl Task 37 6min 47sec
  • 47 Can you write Chinese Character?- (Lesson#6-3) + incl Task 38 14min 17sec

In this section we willl learn conversation about day, time and schedules

  • 48 How to ask Day & Time? (Lesson#7-1) + incl Task 39 7min 48sec
  • 49 How to ask about next Day?- (Lesson#7-2) + incl Task 40 1min 36sec
  • 50 Asking about study (Lesson#7-3) + incl Task 41 3min 10sec

In this section will learn more advance sentence structures

  • 51 Basic Sentence Structure + incl Task 42 5min 55sec

In this section we will learn to do conversations of resturants, shopping & pricing

  • 52 Restaurant conversation (Lesson#8-1) + incl Task 43 4min 17sec
  • 53 Shopping (Lesson#8-2) + incl Task 44 12min 8sec
  • 54 Asking Price (Lesson#8-3) + incl Task 45 6min 37sec

In this section we will learn conversation using Demonstrative pronouns

  • 55 Where is Cat and Dog? (Lesson#9-1) + incl Task 46 8min 51sec
  • 56 This, That & Which + incl Task 47 2min 51sec

In this section we will learn Conversations of 3rd person, work, furniture & courtesy questions

  • 57 Where does your son work (Lesson#9-2) + incl Task 48 7min 17sec
  • 58 Asking about Health (Lesson#9-3) + incl Task 49 3min 39sec
  • 59 Computer, Desk & Cup (Lesson#10-1) + incl Task 50 4min 32sec
  • 60 What is his name?- (Lesson#10-2) + incl Task 51 6min 27sec
  • 61 Can I sit here? (Lesson#10-3) + incl Task 52 2min 57sec

In section we will learn to conversation about traveling and daily Schedules

  • 63 Asking about time of watching a movie (lesson#11-2) + incl Task 54 3min 56sec
  • 64 Trip to Beijing (lesson#11-3) + incl Task 55 3min 10sec
  • 62 Asking about time of lunch (Lesson#11-1) + incl Task 53 3min 19sec

In this section we will learn to do conversation related to asking about weather, health

  • 65 Weather of Beijing (lesson#12-1) 11min 2sec
  • 66 Rain & Weather (lesson#12-2) 4min 42sec
  • 67 Health & Weather (lesson#12-3) 5min 56sec

In this section we will learn to do conversation related daily routine

  • 68 Asking about reading (Lesson#13-1) 12min 25sec
  • 69 Asking about yesterday (Lesson#13-2) 4min 42sec

In this Section we will learn about sentence making related shopping & traveling

  • 70 Calling the number (Lesson#13-3) 9min 1sec
  • 71 Shopping (Lesson#14-1) 6min 35sec
  • 72 Driving Lessons (Lesson#14-2) 10min 37sec
  • 73 Buying Clothes (Lesson#14-3) 6min 17sec
  • 74 Asking about first meeting (Lesson#15-1) 7min 58sec
  • 75 Talking about transport (Lesson#15-2) 7min 20sec
  • 76 Did you come by plane? (Lesson#15-3) 4min 23sec
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About Expert

Syed Muhammad Asim Qadri

Founder, Axinstitute

Communicate, Coordinate, Negotiate


5 stars 6 ratings
  • Basheer Ahmed Zeeshan


    Hello everyone, I am Basheer Ahmed Zeeshan. My Chinese name is Taimen and I am an engineer regarding Axinstitute and Sir Asim, I can say only one word that is brilliant. I have tried a few institutes and web portals as well lekin jo learning ki opportunity and motivation Axinstitute mein milti hai wo shayad kahin aur na mily and second thing yeh hai k hum kyun ki Pakistan ma ha aur Chinese speaking ki itni availability nhi ha but class ka environment itna motivated aur itna easy to learn ha ka Chinese ki practice kar sakty ha without any fear, in the last I would like to say good luck to Axinstitute.

  • Huzaifa Chabra


    I just wanted to say that it's a good experience. Because, I have attended some of the classes in other institutes also for a demo, even in China also for foreign languages but this was an easy experience. The techniques were quite easy and the main thing is “practice makes the man perfect”

  • Sohrab Khan


    I say this with utmost pride and honor - Hands down, the finest institution to learn a language as challenging as Chinese. The course convenient, the fee is nominal and the quality is astonishingly high. The resource material provide is phenomenal and so is the person calling the shots, the man himself, Mr. Asim. His rich guidance, superior command over the language and an exceptional way of developing engaging course deserves the finest praises.

  • Faiza Izhar


    Chinese language is now a days becoming an important tool for business as trade dynamics are changing not only in Pakistan but also in other countries as well. Finally finding a helpful and adaptive teacher for learning language is a best of our luck. He explains thoroughly and motivates students to learn.

  • Muhammad Suleman Tariq


    Asim Sb is one of the best teachers whom I learned from. His passion to teach Chinese and expand the knowledge with sharing is exemplary. I truly recommend everyone if you are really interested in learning Chinese, Sir Asim is the best choice. May God bless him

  • Tara Chand


    Thank you for the wonderful and addictive course Sir. I learned a lot of things from you. Your expertise and the way of teaching are quite fantastic and I will surely miss them. Thank you for giving some of your wisdom to me. Thankyou so much Sir Asim :)

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  • Learn to-use practical life Vocab
  • Improve communication & coordination
  • Negotiate better in Chinese markets
  • Tips for Business dealing
  • CPEC & commercial opportunities Guidelines

Frequently asked questions

Yes, it is very much there. What you learn in each class is connected with the assignment given at the end of each class, all integrated with your learning. But these assignments are easy to attempt, with tested big outcomes. These are usually audio assignments, you can instantly send on our WhatsApp number - Shared with you after you get yourself enrolled & Where you can get guidance from Sir Asim

High school or above usually. But if the student has a good IQ and has practical life exposure and experience to deal with daily life situations, then a little lower educational qualification is also considered ok.

We know most of our students are busy professionals and businessmen. Be at ease. First of all our lectures are direct and easy to understand. To make it easier for them, several audiovisual tools and modern techniques are used. This altogether increases the motivation level of learners, also speeds up the learning process. Axinstitute for Chinese Language is dedicated to give you instantly, the Mandarin Chinese language skills and business culture understanding, we use our experience innovatively. It is the experience that is spread more than 12 years and over 5000 success stories. Thereby, the Confidence we give, helps you build-up a better relationship with Mandarin Chinese speakers. This results in opening-up a world of opportunities and growth; for your business and career.

We teach in simple Urdu, with a mix of some simple English words, we do in our daily life.

This course is Recommended for Businessman, Professional & Senior Students (Age:18-55)

One time fee for the whole master course
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